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Our Services

Landscape Design

Your landscape design should bring to life the vision you’ve been dreaming of, and for us, it’s even more successful if it’s even better than you imagined. In addition to realizing your vision, we consider the elements of an exceptional landscape design include:

  • The use of many elements to create a harmonious and balanced garden space that is a unique original, suited to you and your life.
  • Beauty in simplicity through the use of quality materials implemented with creativity, skill and experience.
  • Assurance that you will continue to enjoy your outdoor haven year after year, and that it will continue to improve with maturity and time.
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At J. Garfield Thompson Landscaping, we understand that each property and client requires individual attention and consideration. Some projects can begin with a brief consultation while other projects will need a full set of drawings, and we provide the design service that is best suited to your project.

We begin our relationship with an onsite consultation to capture your vision and determine the best design for your property, and James continues to oversee the entire project no matter how small or large.

Stonework and Construction

Natural stone in a garden can create an ambience and structure that will give the garden a classic beauty, and so is an important element in each and every landscape design. J. Garfield Thompson has the skill, and an artist’s eye, for choosing the right stone for each project.

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Our stone masons are skilled at using natural stone in exceptional ways to add timeless beauty and appeal to your garden space, whether the style is traditional or contemporary.

We specialize in:

  • Natural stone patios, walkways, and driveways
  • Stone retaining walls and/or steps
  • Pillars
  • ‘Dry Stone Walling’ - we are trained and certified in this classic

Water Features

Water in a garden can be the design component that gives the largest impact and focal point to a property. It adds another dimension to your garden, offering the added element of sound, movement, and reflection.

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At J. Garfield Thompson, we excel at designing and installing water features of various styles to complement your landscape design, including:

  • Natural waterfalls
  • Water gardens
  • Formal sculptural fountains
  • Bubbling rocks
  • Swimming pool features and more

We have been working successfully with water in our landscapes for over 30 years, and we have the knowledge and experience to design and install a feature that is beautiful, functions well, and is easy to maintain.


The soul of a garden is in the plants. The proper choice, combination and arrangement of trees, shrubs, evergreens and flowers make a garden a natural joy to experience.

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All plants are chosen for the individual property and J. Garfield Thompson has trained horticulturists on staff providing their skill and expertise, which also includes ornamental pruning and plant consultation services.

Visit our portfolio to see how we have engaged these elements for our clients, or contact us today for more information.
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